Siding & Overhangs

Siding & Overhangs with Schmitt Exteriors

The 4 walls that are surrounding us and protecting us from the scorching West Texas summer heat and harsh winter wind is simply ‘a safe haven for us’. If utilized properly, it will shelter you for decades.

Maintenance is the key for a durable house and the siding of your home is equally as important as the roof. Unfortunately, water, mold, insects and extreme weather conditions can damage it. Siding damage has many downsides.

A home with disfigured and frail looking siding can reduce property value, making it harder to sell or rent in a competitive West Texas market. Also, if your siding has cracks or spaces in it, your house will be more likely fluctuate in temperatures causing it to slowly, raising your energy charges.

Schmitt Exteriors knows how important siding is and we want you to have the right kind for your home. We offer a variety of siding options, including:

  • Vinyl – a versatile option with many color choices.
  • Metal – a good choice if you want a solidified steel or aluminum structure.
  • Wood – an easy and effective way to add a unique look to your home.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is mainly produced from PVC Resin. Notably known for homes and small apartment buildings. Because it’s mainly plastic, it has a ton of advantages. It’s flexible, durable, and impact resistant which includes immunity to scratches, dents and water damage.

Because siding material is manufactured in specific colors, you never have to repaint it and it’s necessary for weatherproofing your home. Vinyl siding comes in numerous colors to choose from. You can also select opacity and gloss to your specifications making it great for decorative purposes.

Metal Siding

In addition, steel siding has the benefit of being incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to temperature fluctuations. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns so you can still get the customized look that you want.

If your priority for siding is durability then metal siding is the way to go. We have both Aluminum and steel siding available as well, both with their own benefits:

Aluminum siding’s attributes:

  • Lightweight.
  • A wide range of colors.
  • Patterns and styles.
  • It won’t rot, blister or rust
  • Fireproof and resistant to insects.

Aluminum Siding is also immune to fire and insects, but is also stronger, heavier, and more durable than Aluminum.

Both of them are high in demand with residential and commercial buildings and take low to minimal maintenance and upkeep. Metal siding is a favorable choice if you live in a region where severe storms and or hail are frequent. They are available in three styles which include modern, retro and industrial. At Schmitt Exteriors we have many color and pattern options available such as corrugated, horizontal and vertical.

Wood Siding

Wood siding is very versatile and is well known for traditional architecture. Its natural and can be cut and shaped into a variety of different styles. The most common styles are Horizontal lap boards, Shingles and shakes, Board and batten, and Plywood. You can paint or stain it in the color that you desire. The primary quality of wood, in comparison to other materials, is that it stays warm the longest in Winter and cools the longest in Summer making your home a comfortable haven.


When it comes to the protection of a home ‘overhangs’ are mandatory. They help shade windows in hot weather, they protect siding, doors, and windows from the rain, and also keep basements dry. We skillfully install overhangs to increase the stability of your home.

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